Flexible People Solutions

Finding the right technical expertise can be timely, costly and can put business productivity and growth at risk. Our people are our most important asset. They underpin our flexible client solutions. Our strategy is to ensure that we attract the best resources in the market and retain them for our clients. We redeploy over 70% of our resources back on to client site or a new assignment. We have a proven methodology and a track record of deploying cutting edge tools and techniques to drive performance across an organisation.

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Work Package Services

We understand the importance of finding the right solution to your work force needs. Through our Work Package services we can provide solutions that; overcome headcount restrictions, increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, provide visibility of the outputs or resources, reduce costs and support strategic decisions to outsource business functions.

We are unique in our ability to be able to create blended resourcing solutions utilising our market leading Group Consultant Model, Contractors or Bluelife Associates, across a wide variety of skill sets and levels.

Our Work Package Services are delivered either onsite or through a combination of local and multi-regional specialist support. We take every step to ensure that the services we deliver are not only flexible but put client’s needs first and foremost.

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Cloud Consulting

What do you really need in front of you to get work done? A laptop, tablet or smartphone? Perhaps there is a server room somewhere, taking time to maintain and money to run?

Technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up with that pace is tough, especially when you are managing, maintaining, and paying for your own systems and equipment. Cloud Computing is able to alleviate these worries so you can concentrate on what you know best, your business.

We offer a hands on approach to your cloud needs. Through a series of workshops and health checks we can assess the right cloud solution for your business.

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Managed Services

It can be a real challenge to find the right mix of IT support for your business. As technology becomes increasingly mainstream, more businesses are seeing the benefits of partnering with technology companies to deliver specific services. We will help you to manage your costs and risks by giving you tailored support that enables you to focus on what you know best; your business. Our services are flexible and as your business grows, we will be there to respond to any change in demand.

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